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12 May, 2020

How Bulk SMS can Improve Ecommerce Business?

Bulk SMS services offer eCommerce businesses a great opportunity to streamline their business operations and grab customer attention. By sending the SMS notification to the customers you can give much clarity about their order status, product delivery, details about new product arrivals, discount offers and make the customers feel more grateful.

Order status notifications

Most common SMS which usually most of the online stores send are an order processing, shipping, and delivery SMS. These kinds of SMS are mostly expected from the customers. Sometimes even the customer gets worried whether he has filled the application without any mistakes and whether his application is accepted or rejected. The customer also wants to know if the product delivery is started or not and wants to get information about their order status.

Bulk SMS about new products

Bulk SMS

Customers always want to get updated about the new products of particular brands they like. Often, they select some products and wait for those products if they are not available at that moment. Bulk SMS service is very beneficial for business owners in such cases to provide their customers updated information about the new products and also selected products in their preferred category.

Bulk SMS on products shipping

Usually most of the e-commerce companies will have a courier delivery service to deliver the products purchased by their customers. Some e-commerce businesses have their own courier service and some stores work with third-party service providers for their product delivery. Bulk SMS helps in sending SMS alerts with shipping reminder, shipping time, and shipping address. This makes the customer feel very grateful as many of them may be busy who may forget about their product delivery date and time.

Bulk SMS on special occasions

During the holidays, festivals, and other special occasions like New year, Christmas, and other major holidays it is a good opportunity to send Bulk SMS to all the customers in your database with some offers and discounts to increase your sales. The message may contain wishes to your customers along with your product details which even strengthens your relationship with the customers. Always keep your customer database updated with all details like date of birth, marriage details so that you can plan to send bulk SMS and provide your customer with any special discounts on that day in advance. Even the customer can share this information with his friends and family who are planning to give a gift. Bulk SMS can also be sent during seasonal sales to grab customer attention towards your product.

Bulk SMS for Internal communication

Bulk SMS  can also be useful to interact with your employees, managers along with your customers. The SMS may contain information like new order from customers, date and time of delivery, address of the customers. All these details can be sent to the employees through Bulk SMS for immediate communication and processing of order requests from customers. It saves a lot of time and makes it easy to send all the holiday greetings and corporate news to customers and employees.


By using Bulk SMS service e-commerce businesses can grab user attention so that more number of users will get attracted to buy the products. As people use their mobile phones more often, it is much likely that they will come across promotional SMS or SMS on special occasions with discounts and there are more chances to buy your products.

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