SMPP v3.4 Additional Configuration Documentation


This document is intended for customers of Advanta SMS gateway only.

The Advanta SMS SMPP API offers an SMPP SERVER connection with the Advanta SMS gateway using our standard authentication system and error codes.

We are currently SMPP 3.4 protocol compliant, when it comes to standard SMS functionality. In any case of uncertainty, please contact

Connecting via SMPP requires a detailed understanding of the SMPP Protocol.

A more detailed understanding of SMPP 3.4 specification is available from and

The SMPP v3.4 specification can be downloaded from:

This guide helps you to setup SMPP Client connection with Advanta SMS SMPP server.

We are assuming that you are using a standard SMPP Client for connection.
This document only contains information on how to use SMPP in connection with the Advanta SMS gateway.

Configuring SMPP Connection

You’ll be provided following information with your SMPP account:

  • Host:
  • Port: 8056
  • User name (system_id): user-name for account authentication
  • Password: password of your account
  • Maximum-Connection-Instance: maximum number of connections that could be established at any particular instance of time.
  • Bind Mode: TRANSCEIVER
  • Delivery Registration: success or failure
  • Data Coding: Default
  • Source: ton=0;npi=0
  • Destination: ton=0;npi=0