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21 July, 2020


Healthcare is one of the most critical sectors of any society. Good health defines our ability to work, our overall confidence and even our ability to interact with others.
Technology has greatly improved healthcare provision. We have seen great new ways of offering treatment including use of robots to perform some surgeries.
While some sectors of care still involve physical human to human interaction, other parts of the health equation have greatly seen the involvement of technology. Hospitals today can perform a video call diagnosis on a patient before deciding whether to call the patient in or not for further treatment. Psychiatric care has also employed use of technology to offer treatment through live sessions especially in the wake of COVID-19 where physical human to human close interaction is greatly discouraged.
Bulk SMS in Kenya is one of the most versatile and useful tech tools in the healthcare space. I am sure we have received an SMS notification from a hospital on different information regarding your wellbeing.
Information could include:

  • SMS to notify you on your next doctor's appointment.
  • SMS to inform you of test and lab results readiness and collection.
  • SMS to inform you on availability of your prescribed medication and the delivery method.
  • SMS to collect feedback on your experience during your visit to the hospital.

Bulk SMS in Kenya is very successful and affordable for most hospitals. It has seen a rise in customer trust and interactions especially for institutions with a registered SenderID.
Advanta Africa is among the leaders in the country who offer Bulk SMS services and API integration to hospitals. We provide full onboarding and handholding to ensure the service offered by our technology is as per their requirements.

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