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21 June, 2021

Essential Guide on SMS API Services

Application programming interfaces or APIs as they are popularly called are software interfaces that handle processes by exposing or accessing only the important parts of the process. This makes developers handle problems effectively while such API is handled manually, and extremely fast and resource-efficient when automatic. SMS API is an application interface that makes it easy to forward many short messages through specific software. It is incredibly helpful for people who may want to send SMS in Bulk, which remains one of the popular means of marketing in our times. Most of the time automated processes ask for permission from such users before any action is taken, and may issue an authentication request from the user. In the case of consumers that use bulk SMS services, this is usually done in the form of sending a one time password(abbreviated as OTP) to a verified device.

In the case of the SMS API, its job is to send the specific short message to a lot of a customer’s clients or consumers. The API is also involved in generating delivery reports, searching through the list of customers and avoiding sending the same SMS repetitively. The API is also involved in sending scheduled bulk SMS to a lot of people. There are then other API services that help the customer to know their account balance or the number of messages that they can send to customers. A bulk SMS marketing technique uses a normal short message in the form of SMS to reach hundreds of people. Although simpler than other marketing techniques, it is incredibly advantageous because of the fewer financial costs associated with it. Bulk SMS can also be used to reach customers who are in a relatively low network bandwidth.

Benefits of SMS API services

Benifit of sms api services

There are many benefits to using Bulk SMS API services. It allows for faster connections between individuals and provides high security. The more resourceful an SMS API provider is, the more things can be done with it. These are usually listed as the features of the API which customers should look into before getting them. Following are the many benefits of using SMS API for your bulk SMS marketing needs.

It makes the system a lot faster

SMS API is a set of rules that allows software to send marketing or transactional messages directly to their clients. This process happens through a set of prewritten code which allows unique client data to be transmitted to them when they ask for it. The process is automatic and thus very fast. Only the software requires a good internet connection for this to occur. The clients will get whatever services they have signed up for even if they have the least amount of network coverage. Without the SMS API technology, such automation would not have been possible, which would have made bulk SMS services a harder choice for marketing needs.

High informational control is possible

The information that can be sent through the bulk SMS API can be highly personalized. This is because the API can hold many such sample messages for the predetermined set of questions the clients may ask. This is especially true for transactional messages. Transactional messages are a two-way interaction between the one who uses bulk SMS to reach their audience and each of their clients. The transactional SMS you may see in banking systems are a common example of this. Although one-way bulk SMS marketing is even simpler than this, it can also utilize personalization based on the SMS API technology that we provide.

It boosts a company’s branding

It is a known scientific fact that being exposed to information over and over again makes it easy to identify with and thus impacts any entity that is associated with the information. This is used as a way to increase the branding of the company through SMS marketing. Since it has also been reported that 98% of people open an SMS once it is received, there is a very high likelihood that your messages will be read by your audience. If your marketing message is well worded, bulk SMS marketing through the use of SMS API technology can significantly boost your company’s branding.

It is measurable

bulk sms measurable

The effect your marketing technique has on your audience is extremely important for a company, and this also is relevant to the marketing techniques like the usage of bulk SMS. Fortunately, the enterprise software that is responsible for sending the bulk SMS also comes with an analytics tab that also shows important details like the SMS open rate and bounce rates from the customers. The SMS API is involved in gathering this kind of information which is incredibly useful for the company that uses bulk SMS services with its clients.

It has a high degree of modularity

The SMS API is designed in a manner such that more functionality can be added to it without disrupting the services provided for the clients. The enterprise module that is involved in most of the bulk SMS services can get updates over the internet if such extra services are included in the newer API build. There are also almost no errors that come from an existing API so it is not a concern. Any requirements that you may need in the API can be discussed with the service provider who may decide to implement them upon your request.


The SMS API services are one of the most important services that can be used in the marketing industry as they are one of the primary reasons bulk SMS can work as fast as it does. Our API comes with extensive features like text to voice and number lookup. Advanta Africa is the best SMS API service provider in Kenya. They also provide higher security and speeds than conventional bulk SMS service providers in the country. Most industries that use this type of marketing strategy prefer our company because of our extensive features when compared to other service providers.

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