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29 May, 2020

How Bulk SMS is Useful for Principals to Manage their Schools Effectively?

Bulk SMS is an effective mode of communication for the school management to easily interact with the parents’ and provide them all the updates about their children's education. They can also remind the parents about regular assignments to the students, fees, parent’s meetings, annual day, or any event information and other important updates. 

Inform students about their assignments

In secondary schools, to remind or send assignments to the students Bulk SMS service is very essential. Bulk SMS is an effective way to remind the students about their important assignments, project details, and the deadlines. This helps the management to assign tasks to the students more easily. Some schools make use of bulk SMS services to organize competitions and meetings. Even the students' parents will feel happy through this way of reminding them about important tasks and all the related details.

Notify parents about the academic performance

By using Bulk SMS even the teachers can send parents about their academic performance, what measures parents can take to make their children’s education improve. Teachers can also suggest the names of kids' textbooks, a regular timetable to follow in order to gain good grades through SMS. Any parent will surely appreciate getting a message from their children’s school informing about their homework, academic performance and other important details.

Principals can send goodwill SMS to parents

School management can send goodwill messages to the parents or students during special days like holidays, festivals, and other important celebrations. Principal can send messages during New Year celebrations, Christmas using Bulk SMS service. It will make students and parents feel special about their school. Even the school management can send birthday wishes to the students which makes the parents feel that their children are getting an education in a place where the teachers care and adore.

Inform parents about fees, exam dates, and events

Schools can make use of Bulk SMS service to inform parents about the examination dates, term fees, debts, resumption dates, annual day and any event updates. It will be good to notify parents about the events and important things happening in their children’s schools. As every parent has a strong desire to watch their kids grow well and excel in every event along with studying Bulk SMS helps in updating all the details about the students. Through Bulk SMS, school management can also inform about tuition fees for new terms, upcoming examination dates and even the next term resumption dates can be informed to parents.

Bulk SMS for a parents-teachers meeting 

Most of the schools will have the parents-teachers meeting that provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to come together and discuss important issues about the school, studies of student’s and any suggestions from parent’s/teacher’s end for student’s welfare. Bulk SMS works effectively for this purpose in increasing the attendance to parents-teachers meetings by sending SMS and reminding the parents rather than making calls, sending invitation cards to such meetings. 


Bulk SMS helps school management to communicate easily and effectively with the parents. As bulk SMS is proven to be cheaper any school can make use of it for providing information about the children's updates regarding studies, fees, events, meetings and any other updates to the parents.

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