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16 June, 2020

How Bulk SMS services are beneficial for political campaigns?

As there is a rise in the number of smartphone users, many politicians are connecting with their audience through mobile. You can start sending SMS to your audience before the main campaign. Politicians can easily win election campaigns by use of Bulk SMS and send updates, reminders, alerts like candidate information, election dates, voting awareness to the public, etc. We provide Voice SMS, Bulk SMS, Voice calls with caller ids, Whatsapp SMS services for election campaigns in Kenya.

How Bulk SMS is more suitable for election campaigns

Delivers important updates

Bulk SMS makes sure that supporters get all the updates about election campaign developments. It also helps to share event alerts for rallies, hall meetings, and any media appearances. Helps to deliver important updates through text that creates an amazing connection to your campaign.

Direct contact with voters

Bulk SMS marketing assists you in establishing a direct contact with your voters instead of social media. They get to know about your opinion on various things that matters most on a personal channel. 

Multi-channel campaigns 

Voters are flooded with mass political texts which are not requested by them and would not win any support at the polls. You can send personalized SMS in regional languages to the public or voters.

Benefits of Bulk SMS campaigns for elections

Through Bulk SMS campaigns you can reach your voters directly through text messages and provide information regarding political campaigns. It is also possible to communicate with people personally using linear tools. Offer information about the rally at your party with place and time. It is also possible to make the people know about the party and the promises they have made. It will be simple to reach people through Bulk SMS instead of approaching each person and asking them to vote for you. As you can send SMS, you need not waste paper and save the earth.

  • No internet connection is required like emails or other messages to send Bulk SMS for the customers.
  • Easy to inform all the party members of respective locations via voice calls or Bulk SMS in one click.
  • Undoubtedly, SMS will reach faster than the other door to door campaigns and saves much time.
  • It is possible to gather a large crowd for meetings, campaigns, or rallies through Bulk SMS.
  • When compared to traditional marketing, Bulk SMS marketing is the most affordable form of marketing.

Bulk SMS for election campaigns

Marketing through Bulk SMS is highly efficient to turn your election ideas into reality. It acts as a reminder on voting day and sends notification for election rallies. It helps in sending messages for volunteers and the young population. Also sends alerts for the most important notifications and meetings. Through text messaging, you can also clearly tell about your future strategies and past work.

  • It supports you to make your election campaign more unique by sending SMS to the public which creates a great impact on their minds and makes them trust you as the SMS will reach every individual.
  • The cost of sending Bulk SMS is significantly less than any other modes of promotion and saves lots of time.
  • Bulk SMS response rates are higher than any emails as nowadays everyone maintains a mobile phone and goes through the messages.
  • Bulk SMS services is a modern marketing strategy which assists to encourage young people. 


Bulk SMS has become the best way to send any information especially during election campaigns for promotional activities as the popularity of smartphones, mobile phones, and other mobile devices increases. Nowadays many political parties are using Bulk SMS service to communicate with their volunteers and convey text messages to the people.

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