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14 July, 2021

How Bulk SMS Services Can Benefit Spa And Salon

Spa and salons were one of those services that were excluded from the majority of the population for the longest times throughout history. This is because the general population didn't view the service as a necessity, but it is increasingly the case that this perception is changing all around the world. This is because technology has made such services famous and easily accessible. Lifestyle changes in the world are also one of the important factors that have led to more people using spa and salon services. This has led to increased competition between different spas and salons. The customers these days also demand more than what they previously did with customers. This is why things like bulk SMS marketing are now being used by such services for managing the competition.

Spas and salons, which use technology to develop good relationships with their customers perform better. This is evident by the research, and the specific things that help communicating with the customer easier are one of the most important things that influence business popularity in this sector. Bulk SMS is one of the most appropriate things that is designed in a manner that can do this most effectively. Transactional SMS can be used to book appointments, gather feedback on services. Bulk SMS for spa is also used to promote loyalty campaigns within the customer base. The other thing about using bulk SMS is that it is easy to use and cheaper than almost any other technique, especially when it comes to marketing. The effectiveness of bulk SMS is also great, as research has demonstrated that around 90% of people or above view the SMS.

The benefits of using bulk sms in spa and salon

benefits of using bulk sms in spas and salons

The benefits of bulk SMS for salon and spas can be classified by the usage of SMS. One is the transactional SMS where the content is not marketing related, and provides better service for existing customers. The other is the purely marketing SMS that is used to make the service more known. Following are the list of benefits using bulk SMS in spas and salons

Creating an instantaneous response

Whatever the end goal you have, whether it be marketing your service or better reaching your existing customers, the bulk SMS is likely to generate an immediate response by your audience. Especially in transactional SMS, customers are delighted with the speed with which automated responses are generated with accuracy. Bulk SMS for spa is also secure even when personal details are present in the SMS. This means that customer's views on service reliability will also increase.

Easier approach to gather information

Bulk SMS services for salon, particularly the transactional SMS services can be helpful in gathering any kind of information from your customer base. This means gathering reviews and asking questions about, say, a new service you may have just recently launched becomes very easy. A new format of bulk SMS can be programmed easily and sent to thousands of customers in little time, and this becomes an easy way to gather user data too, which can be used afterwards to create better services.

High success rate

This is one of the important benefits of bulk SMS marketing in general. This is because bulk SMS apart from having a wide range also has a high open rate. An average person looks at their phones about 150 times a day, and since some bulk SMS can be made to bypass do not disturb or similar services, it is unlikely that anyone misses the SMS. of course, the SMS must be structured so that it is clear. It must also be accurate when transactional SMS are concerned.

How to get started with integrating bulk sms for your salon

Bulk SMSfor spa and salon

Although starting a bulk SMS service for spa and salons is common, there are still many people who do not know the basics of setting up such a service. Follow is a simple procedure for integrating bulk SMS with your spa

Text-enable your number

This is an absolute requirement for bulk SMS services. If you have a landline, you will have to call your customer service to make it text enabled. You will also need to approach a bulk SMS provider and purchase a plan that is effective for your audience. You can also make your number toll free, although the procedure for doing that may vary depending on your country and law. Making it toll free is guaranteed to bring more customers into your service.

Gather subscribers

This is one of the most important steps in making your bulk SMS for spa strategy successful. In some countries, sending bulk SMS can be illegal if you do not have your customers consent. Your subscription service can act as consent under law. This terminology can get complicated, but one must use bulk SMS strategies only on those people who do not complain about it.

Start sending messages

This is also a crucial step. You must first determine the format of each bulk SMS message. You must also determine the right time window when you think it is appropriate to send the bulk SMS. bulk SMS about marketing can be sent at the right times by looking at some detailed reports and analytics of when such strategies have worked for other companies.


Spa and salon services in the coming years need to focus on the customer service a bit more and this is evident by the data that has come up from research. It is also highly essential for marketing efforts that such a service must use bulk SMS services. A service like that can easily get bulk SMS to do its marketing for it since it is cheap and very efficient. Advanta Africa is one of the best bulk SMS service providers that provides both marketing and transactional SMS services in Kenya. SMS services provided by the company can be integrated with mobile and web services. They also can be integrated with custom servers if the situation asks for it.

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