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09 September, 2020

How Promotional Bulk SMS Benefits Tours and Travel Agencies?

Bulk SMS services play a vital role in marketing. It is one of the fastest and cheapest modes of communication which is now an important marketing tool for logistics, courier companies, notification tools for airlines, booking tickets for travel agencies, providing better customer service, and book tour packages. It has great potential, especially in promoting tourism and travel business to lead a quick and economic source for better and effective communication with customers worldwide. 

Confirmation of booking

Confirmation of your bookings is quite essential to maintain a satisfied and long-term relationship with the clients. After each booking customers receive a confirmation through bulk SMS services.


Bulk SMS services send any emergency information or alert notification to the customers when the driver is not able to deliver the order on time due to heavy traffic on the road. Informing the delay on delivery to the customer in advance through SMS helps them to plan their day accordingly. The bulk SMS system also sends notifications regarding the delay of flights, trains, buses, last-minute changes, etc.

Update of orders

Update all information regarding the status of orders, order shipping date, delivery date, track consignment link, and any other notifications. 

Replace call with SMS

Instead of calling the customers to convey information regarding all updates, SMS will be sent which helps to save time and allows easy functioning of tasks. It helps in avoiding errors that might occur during a call while noting the delivery date or time, etc. 

Discounts and offers

Bulk SMS services help tour and travel agents to send a text to their clients concerning the discounts and offers related to tour packages.

Mobile brochures

SMS marketing assists travel companies to send their brochures to the customers on their mobile in the form of a link.

Promote your brand

Nowadays, we are interested in spending more time on our mobiles; bulk SMS service acts as an amazing tool for advertising and promoting your brand. This service aids in sending the details of special offers, coupons, reminders, and to keep them connected with your company.

Improve sales

Tours and travel companies use bulk SMS services in targeting a wide audience with a single step.

Send attachments

Bulk SMS services allow sending attachments in the SMS regarding the details of the product, invoices, billing details, details special offers, promotional news, etc. It ensures and encourages better management and improves customer experience. 

Speedy delivery

Customers can also attach a location map within an SMS so that the delivery staff could deliver the products to the customers within the scheduled time making the process faster. 

Better customer relationship

Bulk SMS services help in building a trust-worthy and strong relationship with customers. The company sends wishes to the customers on their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

New contacts and lead generation

Many new contacts and lead generation is possible with SMS marketing, thus tour and travel companies use it as a way to generate clients.


Tours and travel businesses are tremendously growing that more companies are interested in moving to the eCommerce business. The services like bulk SMS marketing provide a great deal of assistance in sending order updates and invoices easily. It also helps in maintaining a good and consistent relationship with the customers.

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