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19 October, 2021

How to Use SMS Automation for Your Business?

SMS Automation is transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers. Boost your strategy of messaging by setting up efficient SMS automation and eliminate your repetitive tasks. Even though many organizations utilize SMS for sending one-time-passwords and order confirmations, there is a better facility to automate SMS for marketing blasts, lead nurturing, subscriber engagement campaigns, and customer support. It also has a great value to get the SMS with a special offer, exclusive deal, a time-sensitive notification and many more.

What is SMS automation?

SMS automation means to automate the delivery of text messages/ SMS depending on the trigger events initiated by the customers or businesses. It usually functions by making use of certain strategies and tools that assist in saving time. By using the proper SMS software, it is easy to enhance processes and workflow, improve renewal and retention rates, generate more qualified leads, boost relationships with the customers, minimize operational costs,put an end to repetitive tasks, enhance customer satisfaction, obtain proper data and feedback, and improve overall revenue of your business.

How to use SMS Automation?

sms automation

Automated SMS usually will have a great open rate for almost all communication channels. Also, most of the customers prefer to receive proper SMS especially from their favorite brands, preferred organisations, and businesses, as customers consider these SMS to be very crucial to them.

SMS keywords

By making use of a virtual number, you need to set up the SMS keywords for your customers in order to trigger the array of actions which includes forwarding to the mobile, confirming the donation, forwarding to email, sending SMS with automated responses, adding number to the list, and many more.

Automated lead generation

It is important to launch any competition by including the customers' text in the keyword. It helps to reward the customer and automatically adds the mobile number of your customers to the list and also sends a reply automatically with certain instructions on how to enter a contest or utilize your offer. This helps easy entry, eradicates fraudulent entries. It is very simple to promote and quick to set up as well as create a database with new leads.

Customer support

You can easily automate customer support activities with an easy SMS keyword experience that offers automatic responses. This can be done by making use of chatbots that can efficiently answer any frequently asked questions by your customers. Auto-replies usually will include the store location, your store address, timings, and many more.

Customer segmentation

Make use of various customer lists in order to target the client base depending on the customers gender, interest, age, location, and also various demographic markers. It helps in sending the most targeted messaging in order to grab the attention of your customers. This will surely benefit your business as it helps to get high click-through rates and obtain very few opt-outs.

Most popular ways to automate SMS

sms automation

There are many popular ways to send automated SMS which includes notifications, updates, newsletters, offers, and many more. Below are the most important ways to automate SMS.

Welcome Messages

Send personalised and engaging SMS soon after the registration of your customers to welcome them. You can also mention your website links, any introductory video, how-to guides, etc.

Notifications and Updates

You can also send notifications, and updates for purchase confirmation, payment success, delivery notifications, usage, payment failure, expiry, support updates, and many more.


Send alerts or reminders on a timely basis using the SMS automation for reservations, offers, appointments, time-sensitive renewals, bookings, and more.

Newsletters and Offers

Send personalised tips and offers depending on the specific activities of the customers and also certain predefined causes like anniversaries, special occasions like birthdays, and many more.

Reviews and Feedback

After the delivery or purchase you can ask for a review or feedback from your customer by sending an automated SMS survey or poll.

Referral Requests

You can also ask your customers to provide any referrals in order to obtain new leads and improve your business productivity.


SMS has been used all over the world as a great business communications and marketing channel. AdvantaSMS is one of the best Bulk SMS service providers in Kenya which provides efficient SMS automation services to enhance your business productivity, boost customer relationships, and generate new leads.

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