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29 December, 2021

How transactional SMS will make your business profitable?

The transactional SMS is known to be an automated SMS which will be sent to the consumers to convey important information such as PNR status, bank parity, and many more. It will not contain promotional messages such as deals, discounts, etc. The transactional message usually includes delivery details, customer account balance, order and confirmations, real-time alerts, invoices, account activations, and a lot more. This SMS will have links that help the customer to reset their password. The transactional SMS is used for different industries like banks, hospitals, airlines, e-ticketing, railways, educational, and many more. Schools can send this kind of message in order to convey any important information to the parents.

How transactional SMS can be used in your business?

Transnational sms can used in your busienss

The transactional SMS are based on the prompted situations which offer more value to customers as they are timely. Check out the most important benefits of using the transactional messages for your business.

Real-time alert

If you are looking to maintain good communication with your clients, then the transactional message will be an ideal choice particularly in urgent situations. Most of the time, the phone calls and email will be unanswered. Only 25% of emails will be opened and the customer may not respond to the notification. Real-time alerts will provide important details to the client quickly. To let customers know using the SMS of their credit or debit card activity, any change in flight timings, will assist them a lot. By using the Bulk SMS service, you may improve the customer satisfaction that they may return back and show interest in your business.

Order confirmation

The order confirmation messages will provide assurance for the customer about their purchases and also offer an ideal way to build a great relationship with your brand. It offers significant things much similar to pickup, delivery, and shipping notifications. This kind of transactional SMS messaging reflects that the order is successfully placed and minimizes the stress of the customer. It assists to build the reliability and quality of your brand.

Account verification

Whenever the customers have made a registration on your site, then verification code will be sent to the customer. It is quite necessary to confirm your account just by entering the OTP sent to your mobile. With Bulk SMS services, you can enable the account verification feature to enhance customer security. It is the most convenient and cost-effective method to confirm the customer identity via messages to improve security. It will make the customer stay more peaceful.

Time-triggered reminder

Due to the busy lifestyle, many users are missing appointments because of this many reputed organizations are using transactional messages in order to send time-triggered reminders. It is easy to make the customers not to forget when they are required to make any payments using this transactional messaging. The text message that is time-triggered will be generated automatically and will be quickly sent to the specific customer in advance.


Bulk SMS is an ultimate service that enables sending messages to a wide range of audience all over the world. Transactional SMS helps to enhance customer loyalty and reduce bad shopping experiences for users. AdvantaSMS is a leading Bulk SMS company in Kenya that assists you to expand your customer base and reach your customers quickly. You can enhance public relations and obtain more leads with our transactional SMS services.

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