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19 March, 2021

The Usefulness of Bulk SMS Services for Insurance Sector

The insurance sector in Kenya is one of the primordial occupants of the economy in the country. The well-progressed insurance industry is considered as a boon towards the socio-economic development of Kenya. During the course of time, the insurance industry has grown rapidly with multi-faceted services and policies in diverse fields. This has put a major impact on the modern lifestyle of people in Kenya. From covering health insurance to general insurance, car insurance to property insurance, home insurance to business insurance, accident insurance to natural calamity insurance, insurance companies have administered coverage for all aspects of lifestyle. Among the various economic sectors, the insurance industry is one of the widespread industries all around the world.

However, maintaining a proper communication with the customers has been a significant part of the insurance industry. This has been made easier with the bulk sms for insurance sector. With the help of the bulk SMS service, one can ensure proper marketing and promotional strategies. This is the best way to promote and publicise to the potential audience through the SMS service. In this blog, we have opened up different aspects of Bulk SMS services and how it is serving the purpose of insurance companies in Kenya.

How Bulk SMS Services in insurance is important?

In order to maintain their business communication, messaging through texts has been influential. With an objective to increase faster communications, customer acquisitions, and retention procedures, for the company and for customers, several insurance companies have already implemented bulk SMS marketing. In addition to this, insurance agents are also using bulk sms services in insurance to draw customer’s attention towards the insurance policies. The insurance companies send premium alerts, due dates, coverage plans, add-ons, policy renewals, policy details, and many others. Thus, with the help of the bulk SMS services, customers obtain timely updates and notifications relating to their policy. The insurance people can also send briefs about the new policy launch for the prospective customers.

Owing to its reliable and quick delivery services, bulk SMS messaging ranks to the top among various other messaging platforms. When insurance companies can afford cost-effective solutions for their correspondence through bulk SMS marketing systems, then they can reach a  huge market base. Therefore, they get exposure to a larger potential audience within the course of time.

Why select bulk SMS service for your insurance company?

bulk sms insurence sector

Bulk SMS can provide a ground through which you can keep your customers updated with the latest policy add-ons and offers. It also helps to notify them of various policy terms and administer complete coverage details on time. Thereby, selecting SMS marketing services for your insurance sector is one of the prime concepts of promoting policies to clients.

In this context, we cannot avoid the different benefits of choosing bulk sms for insurance companies in Kenya. The insurance company achieves positive outcomes on a vast scale supported by guarantees. The insurance sector can avail bulk SMS services in distinct sectors like schools, banks, travel companies, and so on.

Bulk SMS scheduling 

With the help of the bulk text messaging service, one can easily schedule messages to be sent during a time and date. This unique feature assists in setting up alerts, reminders, notification reminders, events, and meetings.

Delivery reports

One can obtain accurate and exact bulk SMS reports after the delivery completion of the sent bulk messages. Due to the on-time delivery of bulk SMS, it is of utmost use for the insurance companies.

Bulk SMS branding

The usage of the bulk sms services in insurance is a potential branding component. As all the text messages are sent with the company brand name, no numbers are allotted for the messages. This helps in building the brand identity and prospective customers come to know about the brand identity. Besides ensuring the brand identity it also strengthens brand promotion.

Access from everywhere

Bulk SMS is an online service system. One can find it easy to access and avail the service from everywhere. It works with the effective working of the internet which implies just a network connection is required to avail the SMS service.

Long and precise messages

SMS marketing has turned out to be a powerful communication tool with its feature of sharing long messages to customers. The insurance companies can send messages upto 850 characters.

Send personalized messages

The bulk sms services in insurance have an exclusive feature that emphasizes that the insurance companies can also send personalized texts to customers. This can be done by addressing names, adding any kind of information, and so forth.

Advantages of using bulk SMS services for insurance companies

The bulk SMS web portal is a relevant platform that enables different companies to process their promotional as well as transactional messages to customers. While discussing the various benefits of the bulk SMS services, we cannot avoid how effective it is to the smooth functioning of work processes.

It has convenient delivery log export in .xls format. Additionally, it enables flexible data uploading. Being a reliable messaging platform, it also helps in fast bulk SMS sending and processing.


AdvantaSMS is one of the premium bulk SMS service providers in Kenya proffering unique and reliable messaging services to insurance companies. By means of the bulk messaging service insurance companies can reach a broad spectrum of the target audiences and institute new market potential in view of the insurance business. It is our sole objective to augment your company’s growth and profitability by implementing our bulk sms services in insurance. It is time to keep pace with the rapidly moving lifestyle and you need to adapt to the inclusion of the latest technology in digital prospects. The fast processing of the Bulk SMS services has facilitated many organizations and insurance companies in carrying out their business functionalities. Connect with the Advanta Africa experts for offers and avail of budget-friendly SMS marketing solutions at hand.

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