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16 November, 2021

What are the Benefits of Bulk SMS Services for the Stock Market?

Stock market is one of the unpredictable and highly profitable industries. So it is very important to make a clear analysis and get updated about everything. The major focus of the share buyer is purchasing the share when its value is very low and selling the share when its value is high. It is essential for a stock broker to have a clear idea of all the market trends in order to guide the investor. A stock broker needs to provide proper guidance to their client regarding all the market fluctuations on a daily basis. Stock brokers can make use of Bulk SMS services to communicate smoothly and easily with the investors.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services for Stock Market

bulk sms for stock market 

There are various benefits of BulkSMS services available for the stock market as the stock market constantly changes and is completely unpredictable. Let us discuss the most important benefits of Bulk SMS services for the stock market.

Market news updates

As the stock market is among a few industries which is unpredictable and changes greatly without any hints in advance. It is very essential to always monitor market trends and new investigations. Stock brokers need to update appropriate information, guidance, as well as tips for the stockholders. Bulk SMS services will assist potential investors to get updated about the constant changes in the stock market.

Trade confirmation notification

Stock market always has frequent changes at any time. So, stockholders need to take essential steps instantly for purchasing shares which provide more profits in the future. Stockholders need to be aware of all the possible changes of the companies, stock values, investment, mutual funds, securities, stock trading, and debentures. Bulk SMS services are an easy and efficient way to provide proper information of the stocks to all the investors.

End of day position notifications

BulkSMS services offers best-in class services to stock brokers and potential customers. By the end of the day, BulkSMS service providers will send a notification to the customers with the entire details of changes in the stock market and trading values. Most of the top marketing companies offer full-stack mobile data services and solutions to meet the needs of brokers and potential clients.

Update trading tips to customers

Bulk SMS service is a more flexible way to provide instant updates about trading tips and trade confirmation notifications to the customers without any internet connection. Also, the transactional information Bulk SMS services with high priority made the entire process of transaction safer and easier. Hence, it is very important to implement Bulk SMS services for the stock market transactions.

Below given are some important uses of Bulk SMS services for Stock market

  • Sending updates about purchasing tips and intraday selling tips for all the investors through transactional SMS.
  • Notifications about details of upcoming IPO and market trends.
  • Sending clear information of stock, alert details of high-risk stocks, new stocks available in the market, etc.
  • Provide market updates for every hour and update profit and loss sector-wise.
  • Update dividend information, market updates, and many more.
  • Provide trading tips, buy and sell notifications, FOREX rates, etc.
  • Inform investors about proper trading practices via value added services.


Bulk SMS services for the stock market are the most effective and inexpensive way to provide instant updates, alerts, and important notifications for your investors easily. So most of the stock brokers depend on Bulk SMS services to offer daily updates about stock values and trading tips to the customers. AdvantaSMS is the best Bulk SMS service provider in Kenya providing Bulk SMS services to the stock market in order to connect with your investors and provide all the details of stocks and market updates.

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