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28 September, 2020

Why Bulk SMS service is essential for pharmacists

Bulk SMS service acts as a powerful tool to communicate with your customers quickly with low investment. Most of the pharmaceutical companies are implementing Bulk SMS service as it is the only channel which can connect with the customers easily in a personalized way. There are many benefits for pharmacists by incorporating Bulk SMS service. It can assist in sending payment reminders, notifications, order updates, etc. to the customers with a single click. Texting makes sure that your SMS is read as it provides a huge open rate of 98% which is the best among all the marketing tools which are available today. 

Advantages of Bulk SMS for pharmacists

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Dosage reminder updates

With the help of Bulk SMS service, you can easily send SMS to clients reminding them to take their dosage on time and assisting them to take their medicine on time and build a strong bond with the target audience. Medication reminders may be very simple but will produce great results in no time. SMS works as a powerful tool in creating better connections with the patients.

Create health awareness

Bulk SMS can be used as a channel to make clients aware about different health issues and how to prevent those diseases. Patients will get connectivity with the company they are using, and feel satisfied receiving health tips from the pharmacy companies. Text messaging works best in bridging the gap between the pharmacists and the clients which in turn adds value to the service.    

Send SMS for repeated prescriptions

In most of the cases large numbers of medical prescriptions of the customers get repeated as the same patients will purchase the same medicines on a regular and long-term basis. The problem arises when the customers do not collect their medicines as soon it is available in the store which results in occupying the valuable shelf space of the store. Bulk SMS assists to eliminate this problem as you can send the alert messages as soon as the medicines are available in your store. 

Order collection SMS

By using Bulk SMS service, you can easily send notifications to your patients when they can come to the medical store and collect the medicine order. Sending Bulk SMS to collect the orders makes the pharmacist manage their task easily and well-coordinated.  

Send special offers

Bulk SMS service acts as the best tool to get the immediate attention of the target audience without any trouble. By using this Bulk SMS service, you can effectively give information about special offers, any discounts on medicines, provide clear details about the timings of your medical shop, and many other updates.

Product restock notifications

Text messages can be sent to the customers informing that their medicine is back in stock. This may occur sometimes when the customer places an order, a medicine may not be available, and to call customers is not always proper in these kinds of issues. Thus, Bulk SMS can also be used to send notifications related to the product restock.

Send SMS suggesting products 

With the help of Bulk SMS service, it is also possible to recommend products to the customers which is a great way to improve the sales and strengthen the bond with the target set of customers. By suggesting the list of products which helps the patients will help your customers to become aware of many unknown products and thereby helps you in promoting your medicines.


Incorporation of Bulk SMS service for medical stores is the most lucrative way to attract more customers and establish long term relations with the customers. It is very essential to build trust in the visitors in order to convert leads into customers. So, incorporating Bulk SMS service will not only increase your client database but also helps to increase your sales with a very low investment. Advanta Africa provides the best Bulk SMS service at reasonable prices having many useful features which can take your pharmacy business to the top level. With the help of quality-driven Bulk SMS services, you can easily connect with your patients anytime.

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