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21 January, 2020

Why is SMS integration mandatory for your web and mobile apps?


It is very important to choose a perfect text messaging platform for your business. SMS integrations play a crucial role for your web and mobile applications for fast and effective customer service resolutions. 

By using SMS integration businesses can integrate SMS services on their business websites, email-based platforms, voice platforms, mobile applications, CRM, etc. SMS API integration enables you to send automated text messages directly to your platform.

Internal chat applications

For any business to become successful, excellent communication skills act as a key factor. To make this communication more effective advanced chat apps are now mainly used in many organizations. Slack SMS integration allows businesses to receive and send text messages, monitor customer support operations, business and sales related messages without leaving Slack. Apart from these, customers need not have to install the apps instead they can receive the SMS from the agents.

Voice platforms

Most of the customers expect to contact the same customer service representative, regardless of the communication channel they use. This is the reason why most of the business persons use a combination of phone calls, email, and also business text messaging for better communication with their customers. This can be simplified by text-enabling the existing phone numbers which facilitates the customers to contact the same number. Text-enabling process for a number should always be seamless so that it will not interrupt your existing voice service.


To make text messaging for business easier for your customers, the texting platform of your business must integrate with your website. The businesses should set up a device on your website that helps the customers to send text messages with a single click. While using a desktop web browser, the widget should help customers to choose messaging services which enables them to provide their details like email id, mobile number. While using a mobile web browser, the device should prompt the native SMS applications to get the details of the customers.

Mobile applications

Today most of the customers are using mobile phones for all the transactions and there is no surprise that the customers prefer to do transactions through the app. As apps are very popular, every business person is now focusing on mobile platforms for their business growth. Make sure the business text messaging platform makes the application accessible on mobile devices. All these mobile applications should be native for secure and reliable service which should sync with the desktop app of websites and provides the users with their own username and password for providing high security.

Email-based platforms

Text messaging platform for business works best when it connects fully with the email-based customer service platforms. Business emails and SMS need not compete with each other. Infact, together they work better. This integration helps you to read and reply to all the messages, also for checking the customer-related emails, and track all chats from the interface.

OTT messaging

Today, Over-the-top (OTT) messaging is growing more popular. OTT messaging works over data channels. Consider an example that more than one billion messages can be sent between customers and businesses on Facebook every month. Customers feel more comfortable in sending messages to businesses via app. This is the important reason for text messaging platforms in supporting multiple messaging channels. These platforms also provide features like schedules messages, alert messages, notifications, and reminders.

SMS integration helps businesses to simplify their internal communications and simplifies organizing the customer data. It connects business person’s most-used applications and allows team to support data from existing platforms and integrate the business text messaging into existing workflows.


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