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AdvantaSMS is the most reliable and affordable Bulk SMS service provider in Kisumu with years of experience in offering BulkSMS services to the clients globally. As a top Bulk SMS provider in Kisumu, we offer world-class Bulk SMS services which includes USSD, Airtime, API integration so that you can send promotional as well as transactional text messages about your products or services to the potential customers all across the globe. AdvantaSMS online SMS platform assists you in scheduling messages and creating Bulk SMS campaigns with ease. We have been offering Bulk SMS services in Kisumu ensuring secure Bulk SMS services to our clients. We offer Bulk SMS services with all required features and functionalities for an incredibly low price.

Why is BulkSMS service necessary for business?

As Bulk SMS is an effective and easy way to send text messages to multiple customers promptly, it is ideal for enterprises, corporate companies, startups, businesses, marketing firms, schools or colleges, banks, Government organizations, etc. Bulk SMS assists businesses to send notifications or alert messages to their customers. You can also send promotional messages to the customers which helps in promoting your brand value and enhances customer loyalty. In the logistics business, you can use these Bulk SMS services to send messages to all your employees, delivery agents, customers and easily streamline all your business operations. AdvantaSMS is the leading Bulk SMS service provider in Kisumu offering excellent Bulk SMS services for an affordable price.

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Bulk SMS services providers FAQs

Will it be possible to send text messages to multiple customers simultaneously?

Yes. You can add your customer mobile numbers and send customized or promotional messages through our Bulk SMS portal.

Where can I check my SMS credit balance?

You can easily check your credit balance from your control panel once you login to your account.

Is it possible to schedule sending messages for a particular date and time?

Yes. As the best Bulk SMS service provider in Kisumu, we offer all the necessary features which includes scheduling of messages. You can schedule message delivery to your potential customers for a particular date and time based on your requirement.

How much time does it require for delivering a message?

Being a top Bulk SMS service provider in Kisumu, we offer secure and fast Bulk SMS delivery services. The message will be delivered immediately to your customers soon after you click on the submit or send button.

Will it be possible to choose the Sender ID?

Yes. You can send text messages to your potential customers with your brand name or company name for the transactional messages. But for promotional messages it is not possible to send messages with your company or brand name.

What do you mean by Sender ID?

Sender ID is the title of the message where the customers receive the message. The sender ID may look like VM-NSEWEL reflecting your brand name or company name which can be upto 6 characters.

What I need to do to confirm message delivery?

In order to get to know about the status of your message delivery, you can view and download the detailed delivery reports of the messages from your control panel.

Our client reviews

We are highly skilled to provide the best possible results meeting all your specific requirements and goals. We leverage our
Bulk SMS as a strong tool to develop a unique brand identity and enhance your business sales and revenue.

isaiah Muthee

December 10, 2020

Advanta Africa Bulk Sms is simply the best. The efficiency and awesome customer care is unmatched. Kudos Advanta Africa.


Nick Waweru

December 12, 2020

Great staff. I enjoy the efficiency and customer support.


Miss Meris

December 13, 2020

Really efficient systems and amazing customer support.

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