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AdvantaSMS is the top Bulk SMS Company in Mombasa offering customized Bulk MS services and packages that meet your unique requirements. Bulk SMS campaign is a good marketing tool that helps to create customized messages to promote your products and services anywhere in the world. Our Bulk SMS Company focuses on reaching the target audience quickly and efficiently to gain a strong customer base thereby, more revenue. Our Bulk SMS Gateway solution in Mombasa is simple, secure, and user-friendly offering an exceptional Bulk SMS experience.

Why is BulkSMS service necessary for business?

Bulk SMS services and packages are necessary to target a vast pool of audiences within a limited period of time and it is much cheaper comparing other marketing methods. Being the best Bulk SMS Company in Mombasa, we follow the best Bulk SMS strategy to get high returns at a low cost. Our Bulk SMS solutions are ideal to boost sales, gain a strong customer base, enhance customer engagements, and help in generating a profitable ROI. Being the best Bulk SMS provider in Mombasa, we maintain a constant and healthy connection with our customers and offer discounts, and personal alerts to provide a unique customer experience with our Bulk SMS company in Mombasa.

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Bulk SMS services providers FAQs

What is bulk SMS and how is it helpful?

Bulk SMS is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool to send customized messages in an enticing format to the target audience effectively. It is used in several niches to enhance brand identity and generate more leads. The probability of generating conversions is higher in Bulk SMS campaigns. Being the best Bulk SMS provider in Mombasa, we focus on improving your business growth with the best Bulk SMS services.

What would be the charge of Bulk SMS services in your company?

We are the top Bulk SMS service provider in Mombasa. Normally, we charge Kes. 10,000 per network for one-off SMS branding. But the cost is slightly negotiable.

What is the maximum character limit of Bulk SMS?

For 1 credit message, 160 characters are allowed. If the text length exceeds 160 characters, the message credits consume 2 or more.

How can I send Bulk messages?

It is easy and simple. After downloading the software, you can login to the account. Compose your customized message. You can add links, and mobile numbers. Once made, click on the Send button to start delivering messages. When you order a Bulk SMS package in our Bulk SMS Company in Mombasa, you will get a username, password, and a secured URL. You can request a free Demo if necessary.

Can I manage the contacts?

Yes, you can. You can create customized groups for the particular target audience as per your preferences.

Are there any other costs involved in the Bulk SMS?

No, there isn’t any other cost as it works on a prepaid basis. There is no extra fee like monthly fee, set up fee, and no contract fee.

What is the cost of downloading the Bulk SMS service software?

Bulk SMS software is completely free to use or download. You only need to pay for the Bulk SMS messages you wish to send.

Our client reviews

We are highly skilled to provide the best possible results meeting all your specific requirements and goals. We leverage our
Bulk SMS as a strong tool to develop a unique brand identity and enhance your business sales and revenue.

isaiah Muthee

December 10, 2020

Advanta Africa Bulk Sms is simply the best. The efficiency and awesome customer care is unmatched. Kudos Advanta Africa.


Nick Waweru

December 12, 2020

Great staff. I enjoy the efficiency and customer support.


Miss Meris

December 13, 2020

Really efficient systems and amazing customer support.

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