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As a leading Bulk SMS provider in Nakuru, we assist you in creating custom text messages through which you can promote your products or services to the clients all over the world. By using AdvantaSMS online SMS platform, it is easy to schedule messages and create Bulk SMS campaigns. You can also promote your product to the target audience with ease. Being a top Bulk SMS service provider in Nakuru, we offer Bulk SMS API which helps you in integrating your systems to instinctively support the prompt delivery of text SMS to generate alerts, receipts, and any other communications to your clients. We ensure to offer scalable and secure Bulk SMS services with all features and functionalities for a cheapest price.

Why is BulkSMS service necessary for business?

Bulk SMS is very helpful to businesses as it enhances customer retention, improves brand loyalty and offers a profitable ROI. As Bulk SMS plays a crucial role in attracting new customers and maintaining good relationships with the existing customers, many businesses are availing Bulk SMS services to attract their target audience. Bulk SMS will assist you in sending alerts regarding special offers, coupons, reminders, discounts, and alerts to the clients globally. Advanta SMS is the best Bulk SMS company in Nakuru which offers exceptional Bulk SMS services for an incredibly low price to enhance communication with your end-users, thereby increasing your sales and overall business revenue.

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Bulk SMS services providers FAQs

What is the purpose of sending Bulk SMS?

Bulk Messaging or Bulk SMS is the sending of large numbers of SMS messages to the potential customers. Most of the enterprises use Bulk SMS services for various purposes like promotional SMS, service renewal reminders, notifications, event reminders, special offers, discounts, etc.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. As a top Bulk SMS service provider in Nakuru, we offer an invoice for all the SMS credits that are purchased.

What does SMS credits mean?

SMS credits are the currency which you require to purchase inorder to send text messages. Depending on the character count of the message the cost may vary. For sending a message with 160 characters, it may cost 1 credit and more than 1 credit if the SMS length is more than 160 characters.

What do you mean by Bulk voice calls?

Bulk voice calls or Voice Broadcasting or Outbound Call Service is a technique to communicate with a large group of audience through pre-recorded voice messages to a required number of customers promptly. You can even schedule the delivery of the Bulk voice calls or text messages.

Does my company or business require Bulk SMS service?

As a reputed Bulk SMS service provider in Nakuru, we suggest to avail Bulk SMS services which are easy to use, cost effective and offer profits immediately. Already many enterprises are availing Bulk SMS services and getting huge benefits.

Can I test the Bulk SMS service before purchasing?

Yes. You can register into a free demo account and our support team will assist you with the demo account which provides a fully functional experience of sending Bulk messages to the customers.

What is the difference between promotional and transactional Bulk messages?

Transactional messages can be sent to customers, employees, etc with a particular information whereas Promotional messages can be sent to potential customers or target audience for a specific purpose so as to increase your sales, enhance your brand reputation, etc.

Our client reviews

We are highly skilled to provide the best possible results meeting all your specific requirements and goals. We leverage our
Bulk SMS as a strong tool to develop a unique brand identity and enhance your business sales and revenue.

isaiah Muthee

December 10, 2020

Advanta Africa Bulk Sms is simply the best. The efficiency and awesome customer care is unmatched. Kudos Advanta Africa.


Nick Waweru

December 12, 2020

Great staff. I enjoy the efficiency and customer support.


Miss Meris

December 13, 2020

Really efficient systems and amazing customer support.

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