Bulk SMS in Tanzania

AdvantaSMS is the best Bulk SMS company in Tanzania which acts as an effective platform so that you can easily send Bulk SMS promptly within a few minutes after you sign up into the account. Our Bulk SMS service comes with customized Bulk SMS packages and versatile API which can integrate easily with any other application. Being a top Bulk SMS service provider in Tanzania, we offer an efficient Bulk SMS gateway to communicate with the target audience creating a unique brand identity. Our Bulk SMS features include free API Integration, customised SMS, delivery report, USSD, Airtime, shortcodes, etc.

Why is BulkSMS service necessary for business?

Bulk SMS service attracts the potential customers when precise information is given in the SMS and helps to increase sales. Businesses can also send an alert notification or any urgent information to the customers through Bulk SMS service. Bulk SMS assists you to send your personalized message to the target audience anywhere in the world to streamline your business. Bulk SMS service is used in many businesses like e-commerce, logistics, pharmacy, automobile, etc. as SMS services are easy to use, cost-effective and offer immediate results. AdvantaSMS offers the efficient Bulk SMS services in Tanzania for the cheapest price to improve communication with your end-users, thereby enhancing your brand value.

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Bulk SMS services providers FAQs

How can I start sending Bulk SMS messages?

Upon creating your Bulk SMS account, you can choose the product that is suitable to your business needs, purchase SMS credits and add your target audience to the chosen BulkSMS platform. You can avail Bulk SMS services by sending SMS messages using the Text Messenger, our SMS API, Web to SMS platform, or the App.

How much do you charge for SMS branding?

As a reputed Bulk SMS company in Tanzania, we charge Kes. 10,000 per network for one off SMS branding. Price will be slightly negotiable.

Does Bulk SMS credits expire?

No. Bulk SMS credits do not expire and will exist in your BulkSMS account as long as you require them.

Do you offer delivery reports?

Yes. Being top Bulk SMS service providers in Tanzania, we offer delivery reports which lets you know the status of your sent message. These SMS will be stored for a limited time on the Web to SMS platform whereas in the Text Messenger, you can see the delivery report as long as the sent SMS is in your Sent items.

Is there any daily or monthly limit in sending Bulk SMS?

No. There is no limit, you can send as many messages as you want. However, for security reasons we have set a daily limit for all Bulk SMS accounts. You can contact our support team if you want to increase the daily limit for your account.

What is the mode of payment?

You can make payments through mpesa paybill number 969610. We also accept invoiced based billing and bank payments.

How can I create an account?

You can easily create an account by signing up from our website. You can also sign up from this URL: Messaging.advantasms.com. Then you need to click on sign up and fill the necessary details to create your account.

Our client reviews

We are highly skilled to provide the best possible results meeting all your specific requirements and goals. We leverage our
Bulk SMS as a strong tool to develop a unique brand identity and enhance your business sales and revenue.

isaiah Muthee

December 10, 2020

Advanta Africa Bulk Sms is simply the best. The efficiency and awesome customer care is unmatched. Kudos Advanta Africa.


Nick Waweru

December 12, 2020

Great staff. I enjoy the efficiency and customer support.


Miss Meris

December 13, 2020

Really efficient systems and amazing customer support.

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