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27 February, 2021

6 Key Points to Boost your Restaurant Business using Bulk SMS

The restaurant business has flourished nowadays due to the emergence of innovations and technologies. It becomes a profitable business when you seek the right marketing strategies. Bulk SMS service is a feasible marketing tool to capture the attention of a whole lot of customers because the quality and tasty food is always a basic concern for mankind.

The idea can be easily comprehended when you analyze the research from Preoday, showing the attitude of U.K. customers to online ordering providers and third-party mobile services. 70% of the customers directly order from the restaurant and money goes straight to them while 15% are not concerned about the percentage of money received by the restaurant. People are always receptive to new trends and tastes and are willing to promote their favorite restaurant. This is the point where marketing strategies should focus on and grab the attention of customers without compromising their preferences. 

Need for Bulk SMS Marketing

The prime factor that assists the Bulk SMS marketing services are mobile phones, and more than 80% of the customers search for their favorite websites on their mobile phones. According to the survey details provided by MGH, 77% of people visit the website of the restaurants before they dine in, of that, 76% have been discouraged from visiting the restaurant due to the old or outdated websites. These statistics give you a clear idea of the importance of marketing your restaurant to the target audience in an enticing way. Now we must have a detailed study on how to effectively use Bulk SMS services in restaurant businesses for the feasible running of your dream career.

How do Bulk SMS services help restaurants?

The Bulk SMS services benefit your dream restaurant business in the following ways:

Wider reach of customized messages

Bulk SMS offers a broad reach of your customized messages to a massive group within a single click. This helps to give good visibility to your business eventually transforming it into an established brand. It has a provision to send customized messages to different groups of customers, filtering them based on age, location, preference, etc. so that it creates a positive impact than sending the message to the same person. It ensures uninterrupted service experience with the highest security and confidentiality of clients’ databases.

Brand promotion and SMS marketing

The Bulk SMS is a great tool to market your brand and boost sales. Make your customized messages more interesting and meaningful for the customers. Keep it short, precise, and informative to help them understand the core idea of your business. The message should have the details like business phone number, website link, or email so that the interested clients can contact you in no time. Always try to bring a sense of legitimacy in your message by incorporating your location or a short URL to your website. One of the marketing ideas is to generate leads through auto-responses. These pre-written replies give instant answers to the customers’ queries as they are best for keywords.

Be a part of customers’ journey

You can be a part of your customers’ life by sending them personalized SMS for their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Make your personalized message more professional by adding a sender ID of your brand. You can add the first name of the person to keep it informal, mention the customer activities like shipping updates, reminders, and details of recent purchases. The scheduled SMS and automated messages can be sent to remind them about the bookings they have made and to make the communication easier. Focus on maintaining a constant connection with them which is an effective way to target the audience and earn a lot more loyal customers. 

Keeps it enticing

Make your SMS more appealing by including food images and special dishes of the day, special offers, combo offers, and discounts using the multimedia SMS feature. It can take your brand to a unique position making your business stand out of the competitive platforms.

Rewards and offers

You can set rewards to loyal customers that will attract many people to your brand and encourage them to experience your service. Offer additional rewards, offers, points, etc. and update them about your existing deals and services. Try to bring variety in the offers to avoid the boredom of your SMS. Transform your dream restaurant into a reputable business area where people choose to be a part of their life. Make them feel valued, issue royalty cards to the deserving individuals to connect with your initiatives.

Greater ROI (Return on investment)

Statistical studies show that the Bulk SMS method is more economical and better than any other methods like email. SMS has a 98% open rate which is nearly 5 times higher than email. It has greater ROI due to the following reasons. The ubiquitous nature of mobile phones has taken SMS marketing to a substantial level because it engages the customers more, improves the visibility of your restaurant, thereby the sales, and saves time. Bulk SMS gives high engagement rates and gains more customer loyalty that strengthens your brand and rapidly hits the profit margin.


Bulk SMS service is the perfect tool to promote your dream brand and to stay connected with the customers. It acts as a simple, effective, and cost-effective marketing strategy to reach out to your prospective clients offering a quality of services in a short period of time. Advanta Africa Ltd. is a Kenyan company offering Bulk SMS services across the globe with multi-channel solutions to reinforce and enhance your restaurant business in the competitive market.

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