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03 June, 2020

Bulk SMS for Government Ministries

Bulk SMS is a dependable form of communication for governments to relay information to their citizens. It is useful for sharing information about current occurences in the country as well as raising awareness. Here are some government institutions that utilize Bulks SMS.

Transport and Safety

Institutions such as the NTSA use bulk SMS to notify road users on important information such as driving license validity and car registration information. Information such as road incidences that are important to motorists is also important to avoid traffic and promote vigilance among drivers and pedestrians.


Education is an anchor institution to a country. Governments use bulk SMS to relay information to teachers on term dates, development events, salaries and pensions among others.


We were able to experience bulk SMS at work during Corona Virus pandemic. The government is able to relay health information to its citizens using bulk SMS. Raising awareness as well as a status report on the current situations is among the methods that governments can use bulk SMS in the health sector.


We have experienced drives and campaigns aimed towards conservancy of both forests and wildlife. The ministry of Environment uses bulk SMS to inform about weather conditions and rains to citizens, conservancy walks amongst other uses. 

The use of bulk SMS in such institions allows for them to send communication using a registered sender ID which sets them apart from scammers online. Advanta Africa is among the leading providers of bulk SMS services to government institutions in the country. 

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