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16 December, 2020

How Bulk SMS Service Benefits Automobile Industry

The automobile industry requires a powerful marketing channel which can connect them with a wide range of audience quickly and helps in promoting their brand, thereby increasing leads and sales. Bulk SMS service acts as an effective marketing tool where dealers can send text messages regarding new products, offers, reminders, tips, etc. to connect with their potential customers.

Customers cannot depend only on the customer care numbers or phone voice calls to get details about the updated prices or the product models. Inorder to give quick updates & do an effective communication most of the automobile companies prefer Bulk SMS Service as 80% of messages read immediately by the customers on mobile phones which don’t even require an internet connection to view the message.

Advantages of Bulk SMS service for Automobile Industry

Bulk SMS Automobile industry

Bulk SMS is one of the most efficient marketing strategies used by various industries including the automobile industry. It helps in promoting the business and boosts brand awareness and sales in the market. Advertising through Bulk SMS service plays a key role in brand recognition by making your brand visible to customers. Bulk SMS is a cost-effective method of marketing as customers spend most of the time on their smartphones. Below given are the advantages of Bulk SMS service for Automobile industry:

Brand visibility

Bulk SMS helps to showcase your brand as you can send messages to the customers about the new products that are launched not only through text messages but also through pictures which can include price and other information. You can attach these pictures to the SMS and send in the form of PDFs and images which creates a great impact on the target audience, thereby increasing the customer retention and enhancing your sales.

Send Reminders & documents

SMS reminders can be sent to the customers to remind them to book their annual service, insurance reminder or to confirm their appointment about the date and time of their service.  Dealers can also send statements or invoices through SMS instead of sending through emails. As the customers regularly view their SMS on mobile, it helps the dealers to save time and cost efficiently.

Driving tips

Dealers can also send Bulk SMS messages to their new customers or existing customers who are not aware of that product or recently bought a new product from them. The SMS can include advice and tips about the vehicle like what safety measures can be taken for their new vehicle to increase its durability and efficiency, etc.

Communication with staff

Dealerships can utilize Bulk SMS service to make quick and efficient communication with their staff members. You can send updated messages about change in shift schedules, sales processes, and salary notifications to all the staff members.


You can always send thank you messages to the customers when a new product is purchased and ask for the feedback after the product, service or you can invite them to visit a workshop. This even helps the customers to respond quickly and give their feedback through the messages.

Generating sales & leads

Bulk SMS service in the automobile industry also helps to increase sales and leads as you can send messages to the potential customers requesting them for their convenient time to schedule an appointment to discuss further. This assists those who seriously want to buy the product, thereby generating more leads and sales.

Cost effective

Bulk SMS service plays a key role in promoting your product and creates great brand recognition at an affordable price. When compared with other marketing tools, Bulk SMS is the best marketing tool fulfilling all your requirements. Bulk SMS service has the highest open rate of 98% having been implemented across every sector.

Direct communication

SMS is an effective marketing tool as it can reach the customers quickly and don't require any internet connection and is even compatible with any mobile device. Many automobile companies and dealerships already started using Bulk SMS service to maintain regular communication with customers, thereby strengthening their relationship with customers.

Offer discounts and deals

Bulk SMS is a great platform through which you can provide special offers, discounts, deals, and gift coupons to your potential customers. This will make the customers interested in purchasing the products or atleast visiting the showroom. According to the research, the sale of automobiles improves during festival time due to special offers and discounts.  


Bulk SMS should be used in every automobile industry inorder to enhance the sales and generate leads. Bulk SMS can offer great results when used effectively to connect with your potential customers. Advanta Africa is the top Bulk SMS service provider in Kenya which offers Bulk SMS services having great features and functionalities to enhance customer experience. Advanta Africa assists you to showcase your brand and connect with your customers quickly at an affordable price.

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