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06 January, 2022

How SMS marketing is beneficial for startups and small businesses?

With the constant increase of online businesses and the rapid increase of the communication channels, it is becoming difficult for smaller businesses to shine fully. Big organizations with bigger budgets are occupying the well-known marketing channels and small companies are not able to reach their customers. But with a little bit of customized and creative tactics and messages, you may easily win customers' hearts. SMS marketing is the most popular tool in ecommerce and a perfect solution to draw the attention of customers in a most personalized way. It is very profitable as there is no spam folder in SMS. All messages certainly reach the particular customers and also around 98% of the messages are going to be opened, as well as 90% are going to be read within a few minutes.

Benefits of SMS marketing for small businesses

Benefits of sms marketing for small business

Even though there are many advantages of SMS marketing, there are a few things worth considering. Let's have a quick look at the most important ways to send an SMS so that it can earn more profits for your brand.

Product launches

Target customers depending on their past purchases. You can easily create filters that assist you in defining your targeted audience easily. Once you are done with creating your segment, ensure launching an ultimate text campaign that grabs the attention of your customers. You can also make use of any product images for making your offer appear even more appealing. For obtaining success, you may combine that with an effective and personalized message.

Time-sensitive campaigns

Small brands often find it a bit difficult to gain more customers. Sending SMS which is so quick, direct, as well as reaches customers all over the world. SMS is a great tool especially while considering time-sensitive campaigns. Instead of sending the same campaign for every customer, try sending one just before any big event. Then after a week you may target all customers who have not made any purchase. Send them updates that the discount which you are providing will expire very soon to make them purchase quickly. The advantage of these campaigns is that you can secure amazing and healthy profits quickly.

Sales recovery

No matter what kind of business you are doing, abandoned carts are very difficult to deal with. The rate of cart abandonment keeps on increasing each and every year. SMS is an ultimate way to remind customers to get back to their cart and complete their purchase. Even the text marketing apps show a higher ROI when it comes to the recovery of abandoned carts. Mobile text messaging is effective for complete recovery as it enables brands to reach their customers quickly soon after they abandon their cart and remind them while they are still looking to shop their products.

Customer reactivation

It’s a clearly known fact that to acquire new customers needs extra effort and even it is not budget-friendly like retaining existing customers. Also, they are the most genuine source to attain new customers. If existing customers are happy and satisfied with your products, they will certainly discuss it with their family, coworkers, friends, and others. It is the duty of every brand to take a quick action on their inactive customers, and make them reminded about your brand.

Post-sale care

After-sales care should not be neglected as it makes brands truly stand ahead of their competitors. It can be a shipping update, an order confirmation request, and other interactive actions showing additional care and always making your customers feel satisfied and happy about selecting your brand. With sending SMS, you will not risk the notification to be lost, and it enables customers to instantly react.

Increase your sales

Upsell or cross-sell promotions through SMS are the perfect way to go. Always prefer sending messages that sound personal like the similar way you will recommend any product to your relative or friend. Provide customers with a small incentive and let them clearly know it will expire soon. If the customers feel what you are providing is a good benefit for what they are purchasing, they will take a quick action in buying your product.


SMS marketing is a way to send text messages at the right time and increase the majority of your customers as well as conversion rate. AdvantaSMS is the most reputed Bulk SMS service provider in Kenya offering effective Bulk SMS services for affordable prices to promote your brand and increase your customer base.

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