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16 February, 2021

Top 6 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Tanzania

SMS or short messaging service was developed in the era before internet chatting existed. SMS was introduced in the commercial market in the last decade of the 20th century. Billions of people around the world used the service as their primary text messaging service by the early 21st century. SMS dominated the text messaging service until the era of online messaging via the internet. The newer methods use protocols like Voice over Internet protocol and similar other protocols. They were faster and had a greater capacity for text compared to the traditional SMS, and thus the use of SMS declined when individuals were concerned. But many marketing companies still use a variation of the SMS called bulk SMS marketing services. Bulk SMS service is a great way to increase customer loyalty for such companies. This type of service is also used for transactional communication between employees. Then it is termed as transactional bulk SMS.

Tanzania is an African country that has an estimated population of about 53.1 million people. Over a hundred different languages are spoken in the country, making it the most diverse when language use is concerned. The companies in Tanzania have a cheaper alternative to market their products and provide instant message(IM) services to their people. This is because Tanzania still has people who make use of SMS features in their devices. Many companies use parallel Bulk SMS marketing strategies and provide transactional and promotional bulk SMS. The network bandwidth in the country is increasing but people take time switching to the new technology. This is because it is cheaper and also uses less processing power from the company’s end.

List of Top 6 Bulk SMS Providers in Tanzania

Many companies have been created because of the bulk SMS marketing since they are used by small and medium enterprises(SMEs) to often promote their products and for the banking sector. The banking sector mainly uses transactional bulk SMS features between its customers and employees to relay transaction information. Bulk SMS automation helps automate such services to reduce work overhead for banks.

Following is a list of Top 6 bulk SMS service providers in Tanzania, which have been providing these services for years.


NextSMS has a big share as a bulk SMS service provider in Tanzania. Their business rests solely on bulk SMS and therefore they have expertise in it. They provide a free and custom sender ID which the company can use for transactional or marketing bulk SMS. They provide message scheduling features and have their own bulk SMS API(Application Programming Interface) which the company can use. They provide instant service recharges online and also notify the client when their balance is low. They provide customized bulk SMS for every customer and with a high range of security. Their bulk SMS features are used both for promotional and transactional purposes. The clients are free to choose the services they want to integrate in their environment.


AdvantaSMS is one of the best companies listed as a Bulk SMS service providers in Tanzania. They provide features like delivery reports and API integration. The API integration facility is free. Since Tanzania is a country with many languages, they provide increasing regional language support. The bulk SMS service is highly customizable and can be operated round the clock. They also provide security services as every programmable SMS must pass through cloud verification. On the side of the customer, OTP based and voice-based two-factor authentication(2FA) is provided. Every number is verified before the SMS is sent and DND(Do Not Disturb) allowed feature is available when transactional SMS is concerned.

Tigo Tanzania

Tigo is another company that has a name as a good Bulk SMS Company in Tanzania. They also provide high-speed internet, mobile financial services, and bulk SMS. Tigo Tanzania provides the full range of bulk SMS services to run promotions, send notifications and manage transactional bulk SMS. they have a secure web-based SMS platform through which the company can send such messages. They provide the service in different volumes of SMS depending on the user requirement.


UntSolutions is a Tanzanian web hosting, web design, and IT services company. They are also a major leading bulk SMS provider in Tanzania. They offer bulk SMS services for marketing, communication of staff and personnel, alerts, and reminders. They also offer the SMS service for affordable costs. Their bulk SMS features can be used both for promotional marketing and transactional purposes. They offer the bulk SMS service for an unlimited period of time once the user purchases it. They offer a web-based app for the clients that want to send the bulk SMS.

MoveTech Solutions

MoveTech solutions are an IT services company that helps its clients with website design and development, web hosting, and software development. They are a major bulk SMS provider in Tanzania and Kenya. They have their own secure API for bulk SMS which they sell to their clients. They provide different volumes of SMS for different price rates. They provide both transactional and promotional bulk SMS services to their clients.


ShuleCom is an IT industry of Tanzania specifically focused on education. They provide school management software, school bulk SMS, and HR and payroll software. They are a major bulk SMS provider in Tanzania. They provide two-way transactional bulk SMS services for schools and provide bulk SMS marketing services. The users of this software can send transactional Bulk SMS with separate and accurate customer information.


Though the SMS usage by citizens around the world has decreased, marketing companies have developed cheaper and better alternatives in the form of Bulk SMS service. Bulk SMS service is also being used as a cheaper way to send non-personal data internally in a company. AdvantaSMS is one of the best bulk SMS service providers in Tanzania. It provides the cheapest rates and offers some of the fastest and most secure Bulk SMS marketing services in the world.

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